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June 2020 Missionaries to the Turks and Caicos Islands

Dear Friends and family,

Praise the Lord, I was able to preach the Gospel in Creole for the first time. We have had several Haitian visitors recently who speak little or no English. Later, I was able to lead one of them named Jose to the Lord. Please continue to pray for my language studies and for the Haitians understanding to be opened to the Gospel.

COVID-19 has brought many hardships, but through this time, we have seen many blessings as well. The greatest blessing we have received is the salvation of our daughter Emily. Thank you for those of you who were praying for her to be saved. She accepted Jesus as her Saviour during Sunday School in our house during the lockdown. For several weeks, during the lockdown, we were using an app called "WhatsApp" to deliver 10 minute

sermonettes to our church people. The internet connection was so weak, that was all we could do. Now, since Mother's Day, we are allowed to have 10 people in church at time. I have been holding three bilingual services on Sunday mornings and two bilingual services on Sunday nights and on Wednesday nights. Word is spreading in the Haitian community about our church. We have been attracting several new visitors. There are many

here who speak no English, and until recently have had no ability to hear the Bible preached in their own language. We are praising the Lord that this chain of islands finally has a Bible preaching and teaching church for the Haitian language.

One of the restrictions imposed on us by the government is that those 65 and older are not supposed to attend church services or even go out in public, except when necessary, for the rest the year. The pastor is over 65 years old and because of the current COVID-19 rules and regulations, the pastor thought it a good time to resign and the church unanimously voted me to become their new pastor as of June 7. He continues to serve as a full-time missionary, and will continue to assist Trinity Baptist Church under my leadership. We have already seen tremendous growth these past few weeks.

Amy's due date for baby number five is mid-August, around the fourteenth. We are wanting to have the baby in the states as it is much easier. Because of COVID-19 rules, we are unsure if that will happen. Please pray with us for God's will. Thank you for your faithful prayers and support.

In Christ,

Paul, Amy, Abby, Emily, Sadie, and Ben Valles

Missionaries to the Turks and Caicos Islands

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