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June 2020 Rock of Ages Ministries

“Things look different on the mountain, from the Shepherd's point of view. Standing high above the trial, that He brought you safely through. All the valley's disappointments, will never look the same to you, for things look different on the mountain, from the Shepherd's point of view.”

Family: It has been a very eventful few months in our family’s life. Titus turned 6 years old in March! We had him a little birthday party here at home and got to see family for a few hours. He had a blast! He finished Kindergarten (K-5) recently and is doing well with reading and writing. He doesn’t really care for writing, but he loves numbers. Savannah is FINALLY potty trained!! Those of you who have children will understand just how big of a blessing this is! I feel like I just got a $30-40 a month raise. She is developing her own personality quickly, and it can change from day to day. Hannah has continued with piano lessons during this time off and making great progress. She was mentioning the other day about possibly playing and singing a song with Titus in church soon! Y'all keep praying for her. During these past few months, the Lord has been helping me with a struggle that I’ve had for quite some time now. If you receive our weekly updates, you know this news already as I shared it this past week, but, as of the writing of this letter, the Lord has helped me lose a whopping 75 lbs!! It has all been with His help and I take no credit for it all. Because of His help, I am actually getting outside and riding a bike with my son, which he loves, and just generally being able to do more for Him. Please continue to help me pray about this.

Ministry: While these last two months have been some of the slowest months in the ministry the Lord has given us, we’ve been able to slow down and get some much-needed rest at home, all the while watching God meet the needs in our lives. God is still working in the prisons across this country, with some Rock of Ages missionaries being able to get back into their facilities or even being able to minister in different ways than before, whether it be recording sermons and sending them in, or just putting together packets to take to the facilities, even though they are locked down. We are in the process of working with a facility in Rhode Island, as well as New Hampshire, to try and get packets of material into the facilities for the inmates to have during this time. I received word just today that He is opening a door to be able to get ROA Study Bibles (that I recently brought up to New England) into the women’s facility in New Hampshire. Even though we aren’t there yet, God is already working and opening doors to be able to reach the incarcerated in New England. As I close this letter, I would ask for special prayer concerning our support level. Right now, we are somewhere in the neighborhood of 40-41% of our needed monthly support. I really believe that if God’s people will pray earnestly, that we could and will see that number move on up to where we need it to be so that we could continue with our plan to move to New England in September of this year. There are some tremendous opportunities opening up that we would be able to jump right into and get to work right away. For those of you who already support us financially, as well as prayerfully, Thank you! For those of you who have been praying about it, would you earnestly pray about supporting us financially each month. We can’t do what we do without God’s help, but also without your help.

Prayer Request:

  • 10 new supporting churches

  • Moving Expenses

  • Continued health and travelling mercies

  • Salvation of Souls in New England

  • 100% supported by August 2020

Serving faithfully until He comes, Matthew, Hannah, Titus, & Savannah

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